Kate Peters is one of the most exciting new performers to come out of the North of England and is a good friend of Seven Jazz. A graduate of Leeds College of Music, Kate has worked in a wide range of musical styles and areas of the music industry. As an active performer, Kate works with some of the UK´s most talented jazz musicians perfoming throughout the UK. She has worked extensively as a session singer, and has had the privilege of performing around the world. She has appeared on several dance compilations as a featured artist on tracks by Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Woody Van Eyden, One Hit Wonders and Playerz Inc. Kate also provided backing vocals on `Year of the Rat´ by Rick Witter and The Dukes. She has also made appearances on national and international radio as well as national TV programmes such as `Heartbeat´ and `The Royal´. The album `Believe´ was released under Kate´s own name in 2006 as a collaboration with French composer, Jean Pascal Vielfaure.


Kate Peters Septet @ 7 Arts